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Feb 23

Standing on Sacred Ground: Pilgrims & Tourists

Toby McLeod and Chief Caleen Sisk

Mar 1

The Sacred Work of Grief

Community Grief Ritual with Francis Weller

Mar 16

Geography of Hope: Pilgrimage Redefined

Kate Bunney, Gigi Coyle, John Francis, Desirae Harp, Michael Preston & Weston Pew

Mar 21

Full Moon Fire Circle

at Commonweal Garden in Bolinas

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These are perilous times. But great shadow is cast in great light. What more can we do? How can we stay inspired—the most fertile place for change—when what we hold dear is at stake? These questions are designed to cultivate resilience, community, and earth stewardship by telling the ever-inspiring story of nature and our place in it.

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