Who Inspired You?

Photo by Carlos Porrata (Miwok Elder Joanne Campbell)


This month, we encourage you to reflect on an important person in your life (perhaps an elder, mentor or role model), who exposed you to new worlds, changed your assumptions, and encouraged you to stretch and grow. Who shaped and inspired you with their challenges, their way of being, and/or their love?

Share your thoughts with us by posting on Instagram or Facebook. Post a photo with a short caption. TAG YOUR PHOTO with @black mountain circle (Facebook) or @blackmountaincircle (Instagram). Or, email us with your answer.

Curated for You: Inspiration for the Road Ahead

These inspirational videos, websites, podcasts, and reading recommendations are curated to aid in your exploration of the question displayed above.

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Canticle Farm

One Heart, One Home, One Block at A Time This five-minute video introduces Canticle Farm, inspired by the life of Francis of Assisi and the Work That Reconnects as taught…

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How Trees Talk to Each Other

This 20-minute TED video features Suzanne Simard, an ecologist with 30 years working in Canadian forests. Suzanne tells the story of her grandfather, who inspired her interest in forests, and…

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Intergenerational Interaction

From Krista Tippett's OnBeing website, a beautiful article from Courtney Martin about her experience living in a co-housing community in Oakland, California.

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David “Lucky” Goff: Elder Culture Radio Show

In this series of podcasts, David "Lucky" Goff and his co-hosts explore what promotes, heals, and binds together a culture where elders are seen, and see themselves, as valuable and essential…

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Recommended Reading: Who Inspired You?

Ilarion Merculieff
Wisdom Keeper

Stephen Jenkinson
Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul

Editor Tom Fleischner with Jane Hirshfield, Sarah Rabkin, Gwen Heistand and Edie Dillon
Nature, Love, Medicine: Essays on Wildness and Wellness

David “Lucky” Goff
The Evolving Elder

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