What Story Speaks to You Now?

What story speaks to you right now? An ancient, 5,000-year old myth filled with symbol and archetype? The story of a family member or a friend? A story of the future?

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Curated for You: Inspiration for the Road Ahead

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Michael Meade: This World is Made of Stories

Mythologist and Storyteller Michael Meade explains how this world is made of stories. He is the founder of Seattle-based non-profit Mosaic Multicultural Foundation (3:57 min).

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Caroline Casey: Myth and Astrology at Summer Solstice

From the New School at Commonweal: Cahoot with Radio Host and Mytho-Astrologist Caroline Casey as she presents astro*politico*mytho*ritual navigational guidance for the wild ride ahead. Recorded at Summer Solstice 2017: with Amikaeyla…

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Recommended Reading: What Story Speaks to You?

Dr. Martin Shaw
Scatterlings: Getting Claimed in the Age of Amnesia
Snowy Tower: Parzival and the Web Black Branch of Language

Paul Kingsnorth
Confessions of A Recovering Environmentalist
Walking on Lava, from Kingsnorth’s Dark Mountain Project

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