What Is Your Pilgrimage?

What does the word pilgrimage mean to you? A physical journey? A ritual or inner exploration? A question to reflect on over weeks, months, or years? What pilgrimage are you on right now?

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Curated for You: Inspiration for the Road Ahead

These inspirational videos, websites, podcasts, and reading recommendations are curated to aid in your exploration of the question displayed above.

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Paul Coelho: The Alchemy of Pilgrimage

In this audio podcast, Krista Tippett interviews Author Paul Coelho on her show OnBeing (51 min).

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John O’Donohoe: A Celtic Pilgrimage

Sound True offers ($10 to download) this one-hour video with John O'Donohue that PBS television has featured a number of times.

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David Whyte: A Lyrical Bridge

At this 2017 TED conference presentation, David Whyte meditates on the frontiers of the past, present and future, sharing two poems inspired by his niece's hike along El Camino de Santiago…

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Jane Hirshfield: Language As A Lathe

This audio podcasts features a conversation between Poet Jane Hirshfield and New School at Commonweal Host Eric Karpeles that explores language and poetry as a catalyst for transformation (1:29 hours).

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Recommended Reading: Pilgrimage

Jane Hirshfield
The Beauty

Editor Tom Fleischner
Nature, Love, Medicine,  

David “Lucky” Goff
The Evolving Elder

David Whyte
Crossing the Unknown Sea: Work as a Pilgrimage

Pico Iyer
The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere 

Kent Nerburn
Neither Wolf Nor Dog; The Wolf at Twilight; The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo

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