How Collaborative Are You?

What does collaboration mean to you? Does it mean that everyone agrees? That all ideas are considered? That everyone is happy? Geography of Hope Speaker Peter Wohlleben talks about how trees are collaborative within their forest ecosystem. Stephen Jenkinson shows how it takes a village to belong and to die well. What do you think?

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Community Action: German Forester Peter Wohlleben

In this video filmed at the Geography of Hope Conference this past March, German Forester and Author Peter Wohlleben addresses the group before a tree planting on our Lagunitas Creek…

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The Call to Community in a Changed World

No challenge before us is more important—and more potentially life-giving—than that we come to see and know our fellow citizens, our neighbors, who have become strangers. From Krista Tippett and…

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Recommended Reading: Collaboration

Untamed; The Wildest Woman in America and the Fight for Cumberland Island by Will Harlan Barking to the Choir; The Power of Radical Kinship by Gregory Boyle Growing, Older; A…

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Ancestral Amnesia and the Village Mind

This audio podcast interview with Stephen Jenkinson asks us how we understand belonging, what our place is within our own villages, and how we can enter a state of grace…

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