Spiritual Ecology

The emerging field of spiritual ecology represents the intersection of environmentalism and awareness of the sacred within all creation–a fertile and foundational area of work for Black Mountain Circle. Spiritual ecology is grounded in a tapestry of wisdom from various indigenous and contemplative traditions, and is not specific to any one religious or spiritual path.

We are honored and delighted to be re-aligning our activity in this arena towards deeper collaboration. In recent months we have actively partnered in the formation of a collaborative charged with sharing wisdom and best practices born at the (powerful) intersection of spirit and ecology.

This new (emerging) initiative, The Northern California Spiritual Ecology Collaborative, is working to organize and focus Northern California’s growing momentum as an international epicenter for spiritual ecologists. Our vision is to:

  • form an active and diverse network of practitioners
  • catalyze joint initiatives
  • cultivate deeper resiliency for members in the field
  • expand spiritual ecology and practices to broader audiences.

Our team is a collaboration between Black Mountain Circle (Steve Costa and Kamala Tully), Michael Downs (Bishop O’Dowd High School), Kyle Lemle (Lead to Life, and Spiritual Ecology Fellow), and Kailea Frederick (Earth is Ohana, and Spiritual Ecology Fellow).

We will continue to update this page with our activity. Find out more about what we’re doing by following us on Facebook and Instagram.