Geography of Hope

Since 2008, Point Reyes Station has been home to Black Mountain Circle’s Geography of Hope conference, which takes its name from writer Wallace Stegner’s description of wild landscapes. Stegner says: “We simply need that wild country available to us, even if we never do more than drive to its edge and look in. For it can be a means of reassuring ourselves of our sanity as creatures, a part of the geography of hope.” This conference features conversations with noted writers, poets, environmental leaders, and activists. The theme for the 2018 conference was Finding Resilience in Nature in Perilous Times.” Following the conference, is a year-long series of ongoing talks, retreats, and pilgrimages throughout the Bay Area continuing to explore the theme of resilience in nature.

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Spiritual Ecology

The emerging field of spiritual ecology represents the intersection of environmentalism and awareness of the sacred within all creation–a fertile and foundational area of work for Black Mountain Circle. Spiritual ecology is grounded in a tapestry of wisdom from various indigenous and contemplative traditions, and is not specific to any one religious or spiritual path.

We are honored and delighted to be re-aligning our activity in this arena towards deeper collaboration. In recent months we have actively partnered in the formation of a collaborative charged with sharing wisdom and best practices born at the (powerful) intersection of spirit and ecology.

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