Kate Bunney

Kate Bunney was born and raised in the UK. Surrounded by water on all sides, she learned to swim and sail as soon as she could. From an early age she witnessed many disparities in our human world and began searching for the places where change was happening, for the better. For 15 years, Kate lived in one of the most progressive communities in the world and focused on educational programs and consultancy for communities in conflict areas, fundraising, global networking, organizing and public relations. One of her main roles was organizing and walking Pilgrimage, through Israel and Palestine, Colombia and Europe, as a way of empowering social action and re-discovering our potential as agents of change. In 2012, Kate co-founded Walking Water, a pilgrimage with the water, as a way to inspire us to be in community, be in relation with the waters and the places we live, and ultimately to experience the huge potential we all have to create change. Kate has a degree with honors in Psychology and a Masters in Women’s Studies with focus on epistemology. She is a member of the Beyond Boundaries team, a Council carrier, and community consultant. In 2016, she joined the Weaving Earth team as a public relations officer and pilgrimage teacher.