From the Directors: Who Inspired You?

Millenial scholarship recipients at the 2017 Geography of Hope Conference


Dear Black Mountain Circle Community,

Since leaving the bookstore nine months ago, our roles in the community have dramatically shifted from small business owners, community leaders, and activists to evolving elders and mentors. With more time now—and with age—we increasingly appreciate, desire, and are cultivating more stillness in our lives. In our work through Black Mountain Circle, we are committed to offering programs on contemplative/spiritual practices that are rooted in nature and balanced with action, and on the important role of elderhood and mentoring. Young people need us, and we need them, more than ever.

This month, Black Mountain Circle is hosting Aleut Elder Ilarion Merculieff. In his village, the primary way young people were counseled on how to live a good life was by spending unstructured time with elders learning through observation, encouragement, and the cultivation of curiosity. Ilarion was a presenter at the Geography of Hope conference in March, and returns to share more stories.

Additional events this fall feature Ilarion, as well as Stephen Jenkinson and David “Lucky” Goff, each exploring the power of elderhood and how we transfer knowledge from one generation to the next in this critical moment of change in our communities, world, and planet.

Through our Spiritual Ecology for Millennials initiative we hope to offer some events specifically for young people. Upcoming is a visit to Canticle Farm in Oakland and a weekend retreat in February. In the planning stages is a project documenting exemplary spiritual ecology school curriculums and other programs across the country that serve young people. We hope this documentation inspires educators, students, parents, faith leaders, and NGOs, and we need your support in this effort. If you are interested in helping, please let us know.

We hope to see you at one of our events this fall, and as always, your feedback is welcome.

Steve and Kate