From the Directors: What Story Speaks to You?

I suggest [that] the stories we need turned up, right on time, about five thousand years ago. But they’re not simple, neat, or painless.   —Martin Shaw

Dear Friends,

Over the course of owning a bookstore for 14 years we came to deeply understand and appreciate the power of story. We had the pure pleasure during those years to host Dr. Martin Shaw from the School of Myth in the United Kingdom a number of times. Martin is a master storyteller who brought his art to our community and showed us that old tales – fairy, folk, and myth – can help us understand and grapple with the paradox and reality we face currently in these stormy times.

These old stories hold the key to understanding that the trials and joys of our lives are part of the weaving of this earth. We are the "Earth-actually-speaking-through-words again," bringing our personal stories to the collective whole. And perhaps the wind, the ant, the whale, the lupine, and the immigrant are be heard. Stories – and storytellers like Martin Shaw and Paul Kingsnorth – are some of the ways our psyches speak to the earth and she to us. We hope to see you August 4 or 5 at one of our events with Martin and Paul.

Black Mountain Circle believes in the power of story, both collective and personal. We want to encourage the telling of our own stories, stories that communicate our values through the language of the heart. By telling our stories, we can inspire others and share our own wisdom. We can begin to hear the Earth speaking and know we are part of something greater than ourselves.

Warm best,
Steve and Kate