From the Directors: What Land Is Sacred to You?

Dear Friends,

A recurring theme in many of our recent Geography of Hope conferences has been the call to cultivate a sacred relationship with the land. A diverse group of our presenters have guided us to find the sacred in the land as an imperative practice for personal, collective, and planetary health.

In 2019, responding to this call, Black Mountain Circle will transform the Geography of Hope from a one weekend "deep dive" into a series of seasonal experiences exploring the theme, The Sacred in the Land. We are enlivened by bringing our awareness to the life force of the land; the memory of wise and revered ancestors; the genius loci, or spirits of place; the wind and water; and all the life forms that enliven the land—past, present, and future. It is a reciprocal relationship: the land becomes sacred through our attentiveness to it, and we become more fully human by interacting with it.

Our offerings will provide a variety of opportunities for you to experience and expand your appreciation of the link between environmental restoration and spiritual practice. The need for personal and collective renewal is all the more urgent during this time of national distraction, destruction, and turmoil.

Throughout 2019, Black Mountain Circle will offer retreats and readings with noted writers and storytellers whose work explores the sacred in the land. These will include:

  • A day-long gathering on March 16, Pilgrimage Redefined, with presenters exploring the meaning of pilgrimage within the environmental, political, and cultural contexts of our times.
  • Four seasonal pilgrimages, allowing us to experience one path on the Point Reyes peninsula over the course of a year.
  • A screening of Toby McLeod’s award-winning film series, Standing on Sacred Ground, beginning February 23, that documents indigenous people fighting to protect their sacred lands, including guest speakers in conversation with Toby.
  • Readings and conversations with noted storytellers including Barry Lopez in May.
  • Public art installations where artists will share artwork that is their expression of sacred land.

We invite you to join us on this path over the next year to experience the mystery, power, and sacredness that flows through the land.

Steve and Kamala