From the Directors: Your Watershed

July 2018

Dear Black Mountain Circle Community,

A watershed is an area of land where water flows in multiple directions towards a stream, creek, river or the ocean. We are all part of a watershed; we interact with it daily and affect it in many ways.

Moments in our lives when we face a turning point, a pivotal decision that affects our future, are “watershed moments.” It feels like we’ve arrived at such a moment in our society—one that is changing the course of politics, the environment, spirituality, human and civil rights, how we treat one another, and more.

Black Mountain Circle believes in the importance of relying ever more strongly on our connection in community when facing the stress and chaos of watershed moments. We offer gatherings where we can share our personal and collective anxiety, grief, joy, and vulnerability. We believe in relying on nature as a primary source of resilience, reflection, and health.

We have been offering a series of local pilgrimages: slowly and simply walking in nature with an intention, question, or prayer. This practice can support your daily life and help you navigate through watershed moments. Being on a pilgrimage is to be curious, open-hearted, mindful, and listening deeply. For centuries, people from cultures around the world have walked with intention in pilgrimage.

Consider taking a walk in your watershed this summer by simply putting on your hiking boots and placing your attention inward. These moments of inquiry and reflection are essential to our well-being—individually and collectively. Our next two events offer opportunities to explore your relationship with this watershed in this watershed moment. F.L.O.W.—For the Love of Water is a community event to restore our relations with water led by Kate Bunney with the accompaniment of the music of MaMuse. In August, join our next pilgrimage, Walk with Local Waters, a two-day walk and overnight along Lagunitas Creek to Tomales Bay led by Scott Davidson and Kate Bunney.

Steve and Kamala