From the Directors: Mentoring Ourselves

May 2018

Dear Black Mountain Circle Community,

One of the threads that runs through all our event offerings is a focus on mentoring. We are encouraged and inspired by the young people in our midst and are increasingly inviting their participation and guidance in our programs. As Stephen Jenkinson remarks, both older and younger people are looking for—and need—each other. Stephen returns to Point Reyes Station in June, exploring the paradox of elderhood in an elder-less time and what it means to be true stewards of the planet and its species—thought-provoking inquiry for all ages.

There is another kind of mentoring that is also a constant in our events. That is the mentoring that happens within ourselves. Our gatherings encourage each of us to turn inward—to listen to, guide, and council ourselves. The wiser and more experienced parts of ourselves can guide our less developed parts. We can call on ourselves for help.

Our recent Earth Day pilgrimage up Black Mountain was an act of self-mentoring. We walked in silence up the mountain, noticing the gifts and insights of nature (and the bright poppies, swallows, cows, and breathtaking view). We practiced self-awareness and attunement, for ourselves and the Earth.

These two kinds of mentoring work hand in hand. We cannot help another find their way if we are not finding ours. And through teaching and mentoring others (regardless of who is younger or older), we learn so much about ourselves and the world.

In what ways are you mentoring yourself? What parts of yourself need to be mentored? In what ways are you mentoring others?

Steve and Kamala