From the Directors: Common Cause

June 1, 2019

Dear Friends,

At a recent event we co-sponsored with Point Reyes Books, Barry Lopez warned us, in no uncertain terms, about global climate change. He said, “Hell is coming—and it’s not something we can solve with technology or politics. It’s coming, and we need to figure out how to take better care of each other and provide for our children and grandchildren.”

Barry’s antidote is to reach out to younger people, and help them tell their stories. “If you’re looking for something to do in this time of global climate change, make common cause with young people,” he said. Barry believes younger generations need the experience of elders, and elders need to hear and help elevate the stories of younger people. This pairing and alliance between generations, and taking exquisite care of each other, just might be our salvation. Watch Barry’s video here.

Barry’s call for intergenerational alliances is exactly the work Black Mountain Circle will continue to pursue—with diverse generations, populations and organizations. Devotion to all life and our shared future on this planet is our ongoing joy and challenge. One upcoming monthly event, where we welcome intergenerational connections, is the Full Moon Fire Circle, on Monday, June 17th, co-sponsored with Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine at the Commonweal Garden. Another opportunity in the fall is at Acorns to Oaks: Weekend Retreat for Young Leaders where we incorporate an intergenerational fire circle as part of the program.

We hope you are inspired to connect with someone older or younger and ask them:

  • Youngers, what are your hopes and fears? What stories need to be told now? How can we support you?
  • Elders, what has your experience taught you? What have you noticed and learned from younger generations?
  • Those in the middle, how is it to bridge generations? What do you need now?

How can we all dialogue about what is calling us towards our shared future?

Steve and Kamala