From the Directors: What Kind of Ancestor?

I’d like to be a person my ancestors are proud of, and I’d like to be a person that my descendants thank. 
—Winona LaDuke
Dear Friends,

Winona LaDuke's words are at the heart of this year's three-day Geography of Hope Conference: Ancestors and the Land that Black Mountain Circle hosts March 17, 18, and 19, 2017, with co-sponsors Point Reyes Books, the Center for Humans and Nature, and the U.S. Forest Service.

We are the links between our ancestors and our descendants. What can we learn from our ancestors and their relationship to the land that would inspire us to be better environmental stewards and more resilient earth protectors for the generations that follow us? How will our children and grandchildren survive in the world we leave them? At the Geography of Hope, Native America author and activist Winona LaDuke, along with many other local and global leaders, will be exploring these questions, and more.

Future stories, those that will be told about us by our descendants, depend in large part on our actions today. As we face these very challenging times, we deeply believe that our ancestors and the land hold important sources of hope and resilience. Black Mountain Circle is committed to offering a deep well of nourishment and inspiration through our programming (see below for our events list)—and also by showcasing the work and stories of other like-minded people on our Facebook site, on a brand new Instagram feed, on our website, and in monthly newsletters.

We invite you to become an active participant in our circle. Your feedback is always welcomed.

Warm best,
Steve Costa and Kate Levinson