Caleen Sisk: Keynote, Geography of Hope 2018

In this video, Chief Caleen Sisk of the Winnemem Wintu Tribe tells the story of the salmon—describing their importance and their miraculous nature and journey (9:13 min). In March, Caleen’s son, Michael Preston, and Desirae Harp gave a presentation on the Run4Salmonat our Pilgrimage Redefined gathering. They spoke about spiritual responsibility to place, which led them to organize the Run4Salmon. The fourth and final Run4Salmon begins on September 14th in Vallejo, raising awareness to restore the salmon runs and protect waters and indigenous lifeways. We hope you’ll join the opening ceremony, the starting point of the salmon running upriver to Mt. Shasta, or any part of the two-week walk where participants run, bike, boat, sing, dance, and pray to restore the salmon and bring them home.