Grief Medicine: Plants that Can Comfort

Written by Kyra Epstein, a collection of articles about how plants can affect emotions (and the rest of the body and spirit) from her Medicine Tea website. From the article on Angelica: sense is that Angelica is a conduit for accessing great light and bringing it into areas of shadow. It does this in a traditionally feminine way (which of course can be embodied by both men and women): encouraging, balancing, bringing, inviting, offering, channeling. It expectorates the lungs, where grief can get stuck. It soothes the digestion, allowing us to truly “digest” and integrate our experiences and to learn and grow. But it does not coddle. It knows you are completely capable. Nothing could be needed more now, after this shattering election cycle, after the cessation of civility on all sides. After watching the heartbreaking, months-long stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline that has gathered the largest tribal coalition in 100 years.