Dreamwork Summit: Messages from Your Soul

This free web summit from the Shift Network brings together almost 30 experts in dreamwork together for a free online event November 13-16, 2018. The presentations are free, but they will charge for playbacks and recordings. Speakers of note:

  • Sandra Ingerman will provide a glimpse into the ancient universal practice of shamanism, illuminating that we are all dreamers who have the potential to transform our lives and our outer world.
  • Grandmother Flordemayo will explore the collective dreams we may have within spiritual communities or families or with people across the country or globe... and show how precognitive dreams can help you ease into the future.
  • Dr. Sharon Blackie will focus on the mythic imagination as a living principle — deeply enmeshed in our lives and the life of this beautiful, animate Earth. She'll explore the many ways in which myth and image can illuminate and inform our journeys through life and help us to more deeply connect with the world around us.