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Daylong Writing Workshop with Jaune Evans

Is there a special place, real or imagined, you love and wish to honor in prose or poetry? Where and what is the place (or many places) you call home? Maybe it is your childhood backyard, a sacred redwood grove, a vista from a beach trail, a bedroom shared with a lover, a contemplative nook on hallowed ground, a secret garden, the view from a kitchen window or beloved front porch. Or perhaps it's an endangered or nearly forgotten place you want to pay homage to, protect or save?

Open to all, no previous writing experience is necessary. Please bring writing materials.

About Jaune Evans has a B.A. in Humanities from Sarah Lawrence College, an M.A. in Writing from The Johns Hopkins University, and an M.A. in Creative Expressive Therapies from Southwestern College. She has taught prose and poetry, memoir and non-fiction writing at The Johns Hopkins University and The University of New Mexico. Through her work with Indigenous communities around the globe, Jaune learns about and visits many different ecosystems and sacred places. With an appreciation for these and other closer-to-home sacred places, she has written of her own garden, a beloved neighborhood playground, grasslands, the mural projects of San Francisco's Mission District, Buddhist meditation centers, and a refuge for owls near her home in Marin.

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