Women Money Spirit Conference

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  • Venue: California Institute of Integral Studies

This daylong conference at CIIS in San Francisco brings together leaders in psychology, social justice, religion and finance to explore money from the perspective of spirit. Examine your relationship with money, and the multiple roles money plays in our lives, culture, and communities. Gender, race, class, and our personal and societal values all directly impact this relationship.

Women are trailblazers bringing the feminine values of heart, spirit, and emotions to our relationship with money. We forget that women controlling their own finances is a relatively new development. Equity in the workplace is still an issue-women generally earn significantly less than men. The financial world is dominated by the masculine and by the bottom line.

Collective wisdom from various spiritual traditions and personal stories provide guidance in this exploration of money. Writing, somatic exercises, dialogue, and reflection bring deeper awareness to this often unexamined area of our lives. By engaging more fully with money, you’ll discover that you are not alone in your longing to bring more heart and soul into your relationship with money.

People of all gender identities and sexual orientations are invited to engage in the conversation at this conference. CIIS is committed to providing an open, fair, inclusive, non-discriminatory environment for all individuals across difference.

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Limited number of scholarships are available, apply here. 

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