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We all understand that our society faces wrenching challenges. We are angry, frustrated, frightened, and longing for some sort of a transformation. We want to “do something,” but it feels overwhelming and confusing. We feel powerless in the face of such overwhelming need. The Chinese sage, Lao-Tzu, understood the same challenges some 2,500 years ago. Through his interpretation of Lao-Tzu’s classic Chinese wisdom text, The Tao Te Ching, Taoist author William Martin shows how the quiet flowing side of Taoism is accompanied by a revolutionary energy that has the power of a rushing river. Taoism’s simplicity is truly subversive and its flexibility is a potent force for change. Martin assures us that “when injustice is the rule, justice always lies in wait.” Martin’s book of 81 short chapters is truly “Ancient Advice for a Modern Revolution" that helps bring quiet to the activist's mind, and action to the life of the quietist. Presented by Point Reyes Books and Black Mountain Circle.

About William Martin: William Martin is the author of six books of Tao Te Ching interpretation including titles highlighting parenting, love, aging, and caregiving. He lives in Northern California. www.taoistliving.com

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