Training in Compassion

Event Details

Interfaith minister Elizabeth River and Jaune Evans, an ordained Soto Zen priest, continue their sessions in which participants are invited to share experiences of compassion—both insights and challenges—in everyday life. Based on the extraordinary 59 ancient Tibetan Buddhist Lojong slogans of Norman Fischer's book, Training in Compassion, this gathering will reflect on his February workshop here in Point Reyes and create a plan for future sessions with Elizabeth and Jaune. Point Reyes Books offers 10% off the purchase price of the book Training in Compassion to participants. Presented by Point Reyes Books and Black Mountain Circle.

About Elizabeth River: Elizabeth River is an Interfaith minister, ordained by the Chaplaincy Institute, an Interfaith Seminary & Community in 2004. She is a hospice chaplain, and she also officiates weddings and memorial services. Her central spiritual practices include living in gratitude at every moment, spending as much time as possible in nature, and loving and accepting people as they are, helping them connect with one another. She lives in Inverness.

About Jaune Evans: Jaune Evans is a student of Zen Master Norman Fischer and an ordained Soto Zen priest in the Everyday Zen lineage. She serves as the Executive Director of Tamalpais Trust, a philanthropic foundation dedicated to supporting indigenous-led organizations protecting sacred lands and waters, human rights, cultural lifeways, and gender empowerment.