The Mythic Imagination: Re-storying Our Places

Daylong workshop with Sharon Blackie

Friday, Sept 14, 7pm to 9pm: Evening of reading and conversation with Sharon Blackie and Claire Cummings, $25

Saturday, Sept 15, 10am to 5pm: Daylong workshop with Sharon Blackie on "The Mythic Imagination: Re-storying Our Places", $125

Enchantment is an attitude of mind that can be cultivated, a way of approaching the world that anyone can adopt. An enchanted life has nothing to do with magical thinking: rather, it is founded on an understanding of the mythic imagination as a living principle that draws us into deeper, lasting relationship with a rich, many-layered and profoundly animate Earth. In this workshop we’ll explore the ways in which myths, fairy tales and folk traditions can help us to find authentic and meaningful ways of living. Through storytelling, map-making, and writing exercises, we’ll uncover and work with the myths and archetypes that already inhabit our places and the nonhuman others with whom we share them. We’ll delve into the ways in which we can weave our own personal stories into the land, and think about how we can bring the stories of our ancestral lands into the places where our feet are planted. We’ll learn how to listen to the land’s ‘dreaming’ and ultimately, how to authentically and wholeheartedly walk the myth-lines which underpin our lives.

Cancellations: No refunds for cancellations made 7 days or less before the event date. Prior to 7 days before an event, there is a $15 processing fee per ticket for cancellations.

Dr. Sharon Blackie

Sharon is an award-winning writer whose work sits at the interface of psychology, mythology and ecology. Her highly acclaimed books, articles, online courses and residential retreats are focused on the development of the mythic imagination, and on the relevance of our native myths, fairy tales and folk traditions to the personal, social and environmental problems we face today. Sharon is the author of the word-of-mouth bestseller If Women Rose Rooted: The Journey to Authenticity and Belonging, which offers up a new Heroine’s Journey for this age of social and ecological crisis. Her latest nonfiction book, The Enchanted Life, focuses on the mythic imagination as a bridge to a vivid sense of belongingness to a rich and many-layered world. She is also the author of the novel The Long Delirious Burning Blue, and of Foxfire, Wolfskin, a collection of original fairy tales about shapeshifting women which will be published in 2019.