Stories of Restoration

Event Details

Friday, July 7, 7pm - 8:30pm: Evening reading and conversation with Naomi Newman. Co-presented with Point Reyes Books and Mesa Refuge

Saturday, July 8, 9:30am - 8pm: Daylong writing workshop.

A Writing Workshop with Deena Metzger

Everyone has a story and it calls to be known and written. It is a heart story and it can guide us. It arises from the imagination, a real place, rich with stories, visions, and dreams. The story is comprised of many other interlocking stories; the writing experience calls these into dynamic relationships on the page, like a council that holds all the voices, including our ancestors and descendants.

Writing for ourselves and the future, we are free to include the revelation of dreams, the widsom of what we love, the different rhythms and understanding of the natural world, the indigenous cultures that birthed us, the startling beauty of truth telling, and the multidimensionality of consciousness that appears when we are awake and aligned with spirit. Together, we will enter into the wild, unknown, into the web of voices and non-human, visible and invisible, looking for forms and language to express our deepest selves on behalf of a viable future for all beings.

Bring your lunch; a simple dinner is included in the fee.

Deena Metzger, most recently author of A Rain of Night Birds, is a radical thinker on behalf of the natural world and planetary survival. A teacher of writing and healing practices for 50 years, and a writer and activist profoundly concerned with peacemaking, restoration, and sanctuary for a beleaguered world. Her work examines the tragic failure of contemporary culture and provides guidance for personal, political, environmental and spiritual healing. Her novel La Negra y Blanca won the 2012 Oakland Pen Award for Literature. Deena is most recognized for her image in Hella Hamid's photograph in 1977 sometimes referred to as "The Warrior," in which Metzger stands naked, post-mastectomy, in a celebratory pose.

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