Martin Shaw

Risking Delight

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Fri 5/3 Evening:  Into the Marvelous - $25

Sat 5/4 Daylong: Risking Delight - $125

These are gritty and troubled times. But myths throughout the world insist we were born for them, that they are the very prayer mat we gather on. That we take courage. Join storyteller Martin Shaw for a day exploring stories that deepen our experience of being alive. That have enough complexity to feel real, but enough nutrition to create a sophisticated kind of hope. 

The ancient contract of a storyteller is to take you to the Underworld, but also get you back out again. That grief does not become the paralysis of despair. In this electrifying gathering, Martin will tell myths big enough for us all to brood into, and also distribute smaller stories we can take away and tell in our communities. This is far more than entertainment, but the most ancient form of activism. Martin says if we don’t have ancestors we have ghosts. The telling of story orients us to the mythic ground we stand upon. This is a master storyteller sharing the most vital information he has.

“We must risk delight…to make injustice the only measure our attention is to praise the devil.” - Jack Gilbert

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Martin Shaw

Martin Shaw is a mythologist, author and wilderness rites-of-passage guide. A prominent teacher of myth, he devised and led the Oral Tradition and Living Myth courses at Stanford University and is a fellow of Schumacher College in the United Kingdom. Author of the award winning Mythteller trilogy, his new books for 2019 include, The Night Wages, Courting the DawnPoems of Lorca (with Stephan Harding) and Life Cycle, a long essay and conversation with Ai Wei Wei on myth and migration.

Geography of Hope

In 2019, Geography of Hope is expanding from a one-weekend event to a year-long series of gatherings, pilgrimages, film screenings, conversations and art exhibits that explore the theme of “The Sacred in the Land.”