Restoring and Building Our Relations

Training in Pilgrimage and Sacred Activism with Desirae Harp and Kate Bunney with Gigi Coyle

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This event is running from 22 May 2020 until 23 October 2020. It is next occurring on May 22, 2020 10:00 am

  • Upcoming Dates:
  • Cost: Sliding scale: $600 to $1000+ (no one is turned away for lack of funds). Initial deposit of $150 and letter of intention due 2/14/20.


The intention of this course is to explore the principles of sacred activism/political action through the journey of pilgrimage and prayer walks. Using pilgrimage and prayer walks as our guide, we will walk the path from seeing to creating to organizing, and ultimately responding to what is happening in the world around and within us. This will be a  journey from vision to implementation.

Organizing and walking in this way asks us to: 

  • Listen to the stories of the lands, peoples, waters that we walk with, and through deep listening, become responsible with what we learn
  • Be in relationship with what is around us in every moment, and with every step respond to what is new (ie, a different location, a different story)
  • Find and live our questions together in community
  • Keep moving and be in flow

Over the course of three weekend sessions you will learn how to organize prayer walks/pilgrimage and explore the themes and practices that enable us to respond to our current world situation. This includes protocols and permission, collaboration and partnership, vision, responsibility and fundraising as well as many other elements that go into co-creating prayer walks/pilgrimage. Throughout the training all content will be documented and compiled into a workbook. Much of the group sharing will be based in story, emergent, and deeply grounded in years of experience organizing both local and global prayer walks. Desirae Harp and Kate Bunney are the lead guides with Gigi Coyle as a mentor/guest teacher.

The course is a collaboration between Black Mountain Circle, Walking Water, Beyond Boundaries and Weaving Earth.


The course is offered over 3 weekend sessions (Fri to Sun, 3 days each) in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Daily schedule is 10am to 5pm. Participation in this program also includes two 1-hour mentoring sessions by phone after each training (for a total of 6 phone sessions).  There will be a maximum of 18 participants to ensure spaciousness. 


May 22-24: Commonweal Garden, Bolinas, CA

August 28-30: Canticle Farm, Oakland, CA

October 23-25: 3 Creeks, Big Pine, Payahuunadu/Owens Valley, CA 


We aim to make this training as accessible as possible, and honor the time, experience and monetary costs it takes to offer such an experience. Working with our relationship to money is a key element in how we organize and co-create together so we invite everyone who wants to participate to actively engage in that relationship building from the start.  

The fee includes 9 days of training and 6 hours of phone mentoring over 6 months. It will not include accommodation, food or travel. This is a non-residential training, although accommodation can be arranged for those who need it at your own expense. Food will be communal and potluck style. 

We offer a price of $600 to cover minimal costs and ask that those who can make larger gifts of $1000 or more so we may gift our guides. Your generosity is important and we do not want to turn anyone away because of costs. 

To Register

Please send a letter of intention and deposit of $150 to Kate Bunney ( by February 14, 2020.  


Desirae Harp

Desirae Harp is a member of the Mishewal Wappo tribe from the central coast of California, and she is a descendant of the Diné Nation from the Southwest. Desirae is a singer/songwriter, cultural bearer/activist, and teacher. She is the founder of the Mishewal Ona*staTis language revitalization program, and she works with the run4salmon campaign to restore the California waterways, salmon runs, and indigenous ways of life.

Kate Bunney

Kate Bunney is co-founder and organizer of Walking Water and has coordinated pilgrimages in conflict areas for the last 15 years. She has worked with Weaving Earth since 2016 as pilgrimage trainer. Kate is a community organizer, a member of Beyond Boundaries and a Council trainer.

Gigi Coyle

Gigi Coyle is a community activist, council carrier, and a life passage guide with many individuals and organizations. She serves as a guardian for the Ojai Foundation, Youth Passageways, European Council Network, and Weaving Earth. She is the founder of Beyond Boundaries and a co-founder of Walking Water.

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