One Community, Standing Together

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Join us as we celebrate "Una Comunidad, Unida de Pie | One Community, Standing Together" with these Inauguration Day events:

  • 9 am: Community Resilience Ceremony – Kule Loklo, Bear Valley Visitors Center
  • 10 am: Contemplative Walk – Bear Valley to Point Reyes Station
  • 11:30 am: Dedication of Rotary Club of West Marin Peace Garden, Toby’s
  • 6 pm: Pot Luck Dinner - Our Community Standing Together through Food, Art and Action. Bilingual Speakers & Conversation, Kids Welcome. Location is West Marin School Gymnasium (old gym). RSVP for Potluck: 415-663-8361.
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Many in West Marin are feeling fear and despair for the new administration that takes office on January 20th. Threats to our Latino community, health care services, civil liberties, human and women’s rights, environmental issues, and many of the values we hold dear are of grave concern. Black Mountain Circle joined with West Marin Community Services and other community leaders to host these events to celebrate and commit ourselves to the credo:  Una Comunidad, Unida de Pie | One Community, Standing Together.

We believe in the coming years we can foster resilience by being in close community, recognizing that spirit and nature can serve as a well-spring, and by resolving to act (stepping up in ways we have not been called to before).  

Below is an excerpt which author Terry Tempest Williams wrote immediately after the election. It inspired our Inauguration Day events, and will continue to be a touchstone for the months and years ahead.

Resistance is our courage. Love will become us.  The land holds us still.  

Let us pause and listen and gather our strength with grace and move forward like water in all its manifestation: flat water, white water, rapids and eddies, and flood this country with an integrity of purpose and patience and persistence capable of cracking stone.  

I am a writer without words who continues to believe in the vitality of the struggle.  Let us hold each other close and be kind. Let us gather together and break bread.  Let us trust that what is required of us next will become clear in time. What has been hidden is now exposed.  

This river, this mourning, this moment —May we be brave enough to feel it deeply, and act.          

- Terry Tempest Williams