Nature, Love, Medicine

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Editor Tom Fleischner is joined by contributors to this anthology including Jane Hirshfield, Sarah Rabkin, Gwen Heistand, and Edie Dillon. Co-sponsored with Point Reyes Books.

About Nature, Love, Medicine: Essays on Wildness and Wellness:

A diverse array of people--psychologists and poets, biologists and artists, a Buddhist teacher and a rock musician--share personal stories that reveal a common theme: when we pay conscious, careful attention to our wider world, we strengthen our core humanity. This practice of natural history leads to greater physical, psychological, and social health for individuals and communities.

Nature, Love, Medicine features writers with varied backgrounds and talents. Notable contributors range from conservationist and author Brooke Williams and award-winning author Elisabeth Tova Bailey to Vietnamese Buddhist monk and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and internationally known poet Jane Hirshfield.

Thomas Lowe Fleischner, editor of Nature, Love, Medicine, is a naturalist and conservation biologist, and Executive Director of the Natural History Institute, as well as Faculty Emeritus at Prescott College, where he has taught interdisciplinary environmental studies for almost three decades. He edited The Way of Natural History and authored Singing Stone: A Natural History of the Escalante Canyons and Desert Wetlands.

Jane Hirshfield, an internationally known poet, essayist, and translator with a special interest in the intersection of poetry and the sciences, is a current chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Her latest books are The Beauty (poems), longlisted for the National Book Award, and Ten Windows: How Great Poems Transform the World (essays). Her work appears in The New YorkerThe Atlantic, Orion, The New York Times, and eight editions of The Best American Poetry.

Edie Dillon is a nationally exhibited sculptor, painter, and environmental artist whose work seeks to honor the beauty and mystery of the world. She has also worked as an educator, environmental advocate, and national park ranger.

Gwen Annette Heistand left a corporate career in software design, banking, and transportation to become a resident biologist and environmental educator at Audubon Canyon Ranch in northern California.

Sarah Juniper Rabkin is the author-illustrator of What I Learned at Bug Camp: Essays on Finding a Home in the World. She teaches writing, science communication and environmental studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, also working with writers as a freelance editor and a leader of workshops and retreats. Raised in Berkeley in the 1960s and 70s, she now lives near the shore of Monterey Bay with her husband, poet Charles Atkinson.