Mark Coleman

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Many of us are well acquainted with our “Inner Critic.” This is the voice that says not enough, not good enough, or sometimes too much. It’s the voice that makes every step we take subject to criticism. The Inner Critic is inner because it knows our history, our feelings, how we tick. This might make the Inner Critic seem invincible, but it is not. In fact, our disparaging mental voices reflect profound sources of suffering. They didn’t come out of nowhere and they can be addressed, not with anger or panic but with compassion and deep understanding. Make Peace with Your Mind helps you understand and address your inner voices, and includes simple meditations to nurture your most free and fulfilled self.  

About Mark Coleman: Mark has been studying  meditation practices since 1981, primarily within the Insight meditation (Buddhist) tradition, and has taught meditation retreats since 1997. His teaching is influenced by studies with many great teachers in the Buddhist tradition as well as from Advaita and Tibetan teachers in Asia and the West, and through his teacher training with Jack Kornfield. Mark primarily teaches at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, as well as internationally in Europe and India.  The author of Awake in the Wild, Mark is also a corporate consultant, individual counselor, poet, wilderness guide, and outdoor adventurer. He lives in the woods in Marin County, and likes nothing more than wandering in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.