Jacob Needleman

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Seeking to reconcile the split between our inner child and our adult self, eminent philosopher and religious scholar Jacob Needleman evokes the ancient spiritual tradition of a deep dialogue between a guiding wisdom figure and a seeker. In I Am Not I, the elder offers an initiation to a younger self, an initiation the author feels is missing from our culture. On one level, the book brings younger readers (teenagers and young adults) face to face with powerful spiritual and philosophical ideas. But as the book progresses, the dialogue delves into questions and insights that carry astonishing new hope and vision for every man and woman, challenging our culture’s accepted—and often toxic—ideas about humanity’s place in a living universe. Presented by Point Reyes Books, Black Mountain Circle, and the Mesa Refuge.

About Jacob Needleman: Jacob Needleman is a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University. He is the author of many books on soul, philosophy, the world’s religions, and the meaning of life. He was featured on Bill Moyers’s acclaimed PBS series A World of Ideas. In addition to his teaching and writing, Needleman serves as a consultant in the fields of psychology, education, medical ethics, philanthropy, and business.

About the Mesa Refuge: The Mesa Refuge is a writers' retreat located in Point Reyes Station, California. Its mission is to provide a quiet and inspiring space for people writing about ways to create a more just and sustainable world. It has traditionally focused on the environment, economics, and social injustice.