50 Days of Prayer

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Like many organizations we have been grappling with big questions over these past months, asking what is our work and place both within and post the pandemic. Our work is centered around bringing people together for meaningful events in Point Reyes, and we have had to pause our programming for an unforeseeable amount of time. That being said, because our events have always focused on building a more connected and alive relationship with the earth and each other, we feel that more than ever this moment is signaling a need for a pause and pivot for our societies and the earth.

For the next 50 days—from the day after Earth Day to June 11th—we will be intentionally slowing down our need to know or ask "what's next?" and instead invite in prayer, rest and deeper inquiry into what is needed, and how Black Mountain Circle can meet the needs on the other side. As part of this prayer we penned an essay, Why We Are Choosing to Slow Down & Not Pivot Online. Writes co- director, Kailea Frederick, "People don’t need more, they need less. We need less. Our spirits need less. These values of time and spaciousness had become in part lost for us in our need to produce, perform and in all honesty, compete."